PINOCCHIO : a story telling text

Once upon the time, in a town there was a puppet shop owned by an old man named by gappetto, he was the puppet maker who live alone, when he made a puppet every day, he used to hope that the puppet would become a child, after he said that word, there was a miracle, when he woke up from his slumber, he was surprised to see a puppet called him “papa” he was very happy..
Gappetto            : from now on, you are my son and I name you Pinocchio.
         In a day after gappetto sold his clothes to buy books for Pinocchio to get school, when Pinocchio was on the way, he heard loud voice from the opposite direction of his school, he realized that the loud voice come from a tent of puppet show, then he ran and ran to sell his books to buy ticket for watching the show,  but, when he arrived there,  he jumped into the stage and broke the strings and the puppets, seeing this the producer was anggry and wanted to set pinnochio on fire, and pinnochio said.
         Pinocchio           : I’m sorry sir, for instance you set me on fire how sad my father is…! I have promise to study in my school seriously.
The producer regretted his word and forgave Pinocchio. Then let Pinocchio go and gave Pinocchio some moneys.
         Producer             : hey…! Use this money to buy a new book and study hard in your school okey.
         He was really glad to hold the money,then he ran to buy new book, when he was on the way he saw a playground. He could not restrain his desire to play with the other children. Suddenly, the whitch came and cursed them to be a donkey.
         Whitch               : ha....ha....ha. i  will curse you to be donkey, get it.
         Pinocchio           : do not curse me.
         When they were becoming donkey, they were sold to a circus. Over there they were whipped and ordered to jump through the fire ring. Pinnochio felt afraid and he fell down. Then the circus owner was angry at him and threw him to the middle of the sea, Pinocchio was sunk into the bottom of the sea. Fortunately, a fairy came o rescue him and returned him to his normal form.
         Fairy                   : Pinocchio…! Why do you break your promise again…?
         Pinocchio           :I’m sorry fairy, I was robbed and thrown to the middle of the sea, my right foot was broken(pinnochio’s nose becomes longer)
         Fairy                   : Pinnochio, you lie to me, please tell me the thruth
         Pinocchio           : I’m sorry fairy, I will not lie anymore
         After he admitted his mistake, his nose returned to normal. On the after side, gappetto knew that Pinocchio was thrown to the middle of the sea, then he decided to look for Pinnochio. But unfortunately gappeto was swallowed by whale and fairy notified Pinochio.
         Fairy                   : Pinocchio…! Your father knows that you were in the middle of the sea and he’s looking for you now. But your father is swallowed by whale.
         After that, Pinocchio decided to rescue his father. He went and looked for the whale. When he was there, he slapped the water to provoke the whale came out from the water. And the whale opened its mouth and swallowed Pinocchio. When he was inside of the whale’s stomach, he called out his father.
         Pinocchio           : papa..! Where are you…? Oh papa…! You are here, let’s get out of here.
         Gappetto            : my body is too weak to get out, you must get out without me, oh my son.
         Pinocchio           : oh no…! I can’t get out without you oh papa
         When the whale was sleeping, they escaped from its mouth and Pinocchio brought gappetto as strong as he could swam to the seashore.
         Pinocchio           : papa, from now on, I’ll do whatever you get me to do I’ll go to school and study hard there.
         Suddenly, a light shone from Pinocchio’s body. The fairy changed him into a human Pinocchio and gappetto were happy and they thanked the fairy they lived peacefully without any trouble and obstacle.



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