NIGHTMARE : a story telling text

This story was started in unknown city where all people were haunted by bad incident ever in that city’s history. No one was brave to go out from the house, they could not do anything nicely like the normal people did. This city was like dead city, there was no activity done by the society.
At the one day, the sky looked cloudy. Two young men coming from other cities came to the city. Joe and Roy who liked travel did not understand about this city’s situation. They walked as usual as they did, they walked through many places in that city. But, the sun did not support them to look for the society. It was nearly dark. Besides, the black demon had looked them and the danger event would come to their lives soon.
Roy: Joe, what do you think about this city? It is quite good, isn’t it?
Joe: yes, I think it is quite good. But, there is no activity of human right here I see.
Roy: that is bullshit you know! They probably have a nice sleeping.
Joe: sleeping? What do you mean? It is impossible!
The Black Demon: I am going to have the souls of yours and you will not be safe anymore! (Laugh)

            Then, they did not know what they were going to do. No longer after, they began looking for motel around the city. The night had greeted them, but they had not still found it. Then, they saw an old motel near by a big river.

Roy: excuse me, is there anybody inside? (Knock the door)
The Hostess: yes, can I help you boys? (Open the door)
Roy: I and my friend would like to spend night. Is there any room free?
The Hostess: yes, it is only one. You may enter and here you are. (Give a key)
Joe: our gratitude for you madam!
The Hostess: most welcome and I just suggest you that just be careful! (Laugh)

            Their afraid states were coming when the hostess left them. They came to the room which was shown by the hostess, began cleaning the room, and tried to enjoy the situation which haunted them. Suddenly, Joe felt stomach-ache and left Roy alone.

Joe: damn! This room is so dirty, the hostess probably cleans it once five years.
Roy: Joe…Joe…Joe…calm yourself! Try to enjoy this situation! We are lucky to get this.
Joe: I will make it to you! Your speaking makes me get stomach-ache. Forget it! I am going to the rest room

            Roy just did nothing to wait Joe. He tried to play his gadget and listened to the music. It was nonsense, he felt bored and began sleeping. But, he could not sleep nicely, he still thought about Joe. At the time, he entered in black demon’s vortex and the nightmare came to life.

The Black Demon: nightmare! When the nightmare comes to life!
Roy:  Joe? Where are you Joe? I need you!
The Black Demon: your friend had already passed away! No matter you scream out, no one hears you! (Laugh)

            Roy could do anything except praying to god. Wishing his voice was heard by the god. But it was only the black demon’s voice bothering his mind.

Roy:  don’t kill me, don’t kill me, please!
The Black Demon: what are you talking about?
Roy: I do not want to die, I have a family in my house.
The Black Demon: i do not care of your family. And it gets you! (Kill Roy)

            Finally, Roy passed away in that house and Joe did too. In society’s story, that house was a big grave yard in that city. No one was brave to come there and it left bad memory for everyone. Because, it was awful to come and that black demon still waited everyone to come there.

“Moral Value: Believe what you believe because GOD creates visible and invisible matter in the world”

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