Messed era: Learning holy qur’an as muslem guidance in globalization

Over the past, people were living in limited facilitation. They were hard to look for information about the world. They had nothing some tools to help their job and personal necessity. Hence, everything has been change when the globalization dominates people in which technology doesn’t only provide us great tool and also we are easier to do our job. However we must realize that technology has many profits for us. But, what makes our common problem today juvenile delinquency has grown in the soul of young muslem generation. Most muslem generation have forgotten their reality. So, it can be called as the miss of era. Further, there are so many factors overwhelm our young muslem in todays era one of the examples: our young muslem only know how to operate gadget which one of technology tools but they don’t know if is it good or not for their future. Therefore,  holyqur’an is the  solving problem of it all.
            Actually, holy qur’an has been given by our god Allah for the guidance of muslem through Gabriel to prophet Mohammad for all humans. Further, we as muslem who should determine the world civilization in the future we should learn holy qur’an because seeing the fact that muslem only know how to recite the holy qur’an without knowing the holy qur’an means. Therefore, we as muslem should emphasize the young muslem to learn holy qur’an.
            Intrinsically, in this messed era holy qur’an is really good media to actually solve the juvenile delinquency existence in this messed era. Because holy qur’an contains many guidance of life, epic of previous era, and many holistic matter inside of it. Therefore, by those holy qur’an is a really good media o actually minimize and decrease the presence of juvenile delinquency in today’s messed era. By utilizing the epic of previous era that exist in holy qur’an, it can be such a mental anda characteristic education for today’s young generation to actually deal with the era that’s going wrong. Further, by utilizing holy qur’an, it can be a really good guidance for our life because the holistic content of holy qur’an itself.
            Unfortunately, some problems occur such as:
-          The low understanding on holy qur’an
-          The young generation only know how to recite it but not knowing the main meaning and holistic content of holy qur’an itself
-          The presence of juvenile delinquency that mushroom in today’s juvenile generation
Therefore, I as a moslem generation would like to propose some ways to solve those problems. And here, some solving problem that hopefully will be beneficial for us:
-          Upholding the beauty of holy qur’an and widespread the holistic content of holy qur’an to actually create a prosperious life for humankind
-          Campaigning the urgency of understanding and implementing the holistic content of holy qur’an to create a revolution in our life
In brief, holy qur’an is a god gift that must be utilized as well as possible. Therefore, to deal with today’s messed era, holy qur’an must be upheld and be the priority and main guidance to deal with the wild of today’s messed era.

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