Zika as World’s Common Threat

Basically, health is the common need of everyone living in this world. Believe it or not, without having good health we can’t undergo our life as well as possible. Therefore, it is really urgent thing to actually keep our health in order we can undergo our life as well as possible. But, recently the mainstream medias often tell us about the appearance of an endemic that commonly being the trending topic in Singapore. That is Zika.
            Long before this news being the trending topic, zika appeared in Brazil at 2014. It infects many pregnant moms in Brazil. Basically, zika is an illness caused by the infection of zika’s mosquito and oftenly found infected into pregnant mom. Even it is not a really dangerous disease, but it is a really urgent need to find out the antidote of it that up to now hasn’t been invented.
            Fundamentaly, the curing on zika virus has been started since it’s first case found in Brazil at 2014, but unfortunatelly it had no significant development on the research to find it’s antidote.It was almost been solve by quarantining the victim in order not to spread out this virus. But this virus was refind in Singapore recently. Therefore, so many country spread out flight warning for their citizen who wants to visit Singapore, even England has already restrict the flight into Singapore due to the invention of Zika’s suspect.
            Seeing that, it is really an urgent thing to help each other to find out it’s antidote to finally cure the one infected by zika. Even, zika is not kinds of any dangerous diseases, but we should aware people on the dangerous of it’s, in order it will not be such an endemic like what was happened in the past toward the europe land, that was PES endemic. Therefore by the appearence of zika itself, it should be the stimulation to all people to actually keep their health as well as possible. Further, the World Helath Organization (WHO) should immediatelly conduct a serious research on how to find the antidote of zika itself.
            Furthermore, the appearanc of zika should be the concern of expert in order to immediatelly figure out this problem. Because sooner we solve it, it will be better for all. Threfore, the research on finding it’s solution should be the priority of every nation not only Singapore as the place of this disease appear.
            In the other side, we should not only focus on the concern of zika itself, but we must think it over and analyze it deeply. It should not finish on the curing of it kind of virus, but must go on and continously inventing antidote on other diseases that threaten the human’s health. Further we should aware the sociaty on the importance of keeping our health in order to prevent the spreading out of any kinds of virus that threaten our health.
            In brief, this moment should be a boosting moment for us to actually remember our way of life. Zika should be solved and cured soon, and not to be satisfied on acomplishing that we should strive harder for better human life. Further, the society should aware on the urgency of keeping our health, because as what I have stated earlier that health is really urgent thing toward our life. And remember, preventing is better than curing.

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  1. Wahhh dah bahasa inggris aja ih, makin keren
    Klo virus zika ini apa nirip2 ama flu gitu ya?

    1. hehhe.. iya saya belajar di lembaga bahasa inggris kak....
      zika itu virus yag bisa buat ibu hamil melahirkan anak dengan cacat fisik berupa kepala kecil.... hehehe. masih belum ada di Indonesia, baru di singapura

  2. Er... aku ga ngerti inggris ._.


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