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The urgency of technology in popularizing traditional culture
            Over the past 21st century,we have lived with the assimilation of western culture. The assimilation of western and traditional culture seems like black and white. In which, western culture is more dominant than traditional culture. It is proven by the western existence in our surrounding such as: drug abuse, juvenile delinquency, etc. Those westernizations have poisoned the young generation sense of cultural belonging. Basically, we have seen and listened that most of the young generations are starting to leave the traditional culture. In fact, few numbers of the youth get involved on the event of the traditional culture. It is very ironic when a nation which is rich of cultural diversity then they omit the culture.
            Remembering that indonesia has so many traditional cultures spread out  from sabang till merauke. Every region in this nation has its own traditional culture. In east java we can watch reog ponorogo which is very attractive with the attraction. In minangkabau morever, we will be attracted by traditional self-defense. those raditional cultures are legacies from our forefather which is almost extint in the vortex of globalization. The paradise of this era has closed our eyes to see how pity our culture is. These appalling facts should bring us to the awareness that we can no longer stand by and do nothing againt this problem. Therefore, we as the young generation must have strong sense of belonging to preserve or even popularize traditional cuture.
            Today, we are living in the world prosperiority with the phenomenon of advance technology and accessible communication where those elements have been familiar in the entire world. Besides, the rapid technology development has been upraged in this nation. But, there are so many users uttilize technology inappropriately. Let’s take an easy example, in our surrounding, most teenagers use technology for waching porn movie in internet. Actually, the appearance of technology should be utilized as well as possible for indonesia development, involving in the culture side.
            Online media as one of the most attractive technologies in 21st century provides a reliable information and communication around the world. Therefore, we as the smart generation of this nation should not only keep silent on this oppurtunity. We must exploit the online media to popularize the traditional culture, by uploading traditional culture video on facebook, youtube, instagram and other social medias. People in the world can watch our traditional culture video on the online media. Finally,the world attention can be achieved by the existence of traditional culturer video on the online media.
            Intrinsically, the synchronization of technology and traditional culture is really incredible. Technology does not only bring impact toward indonesian but it is also challenging on how indonesian can use techonology for indonesia development. Remembering that young generation is the pillar and future implication of a country. So, it is undeniable that we have responsibility to pick the improvement in all sides, not only on the side of intelligence but also we must take a part in popularizing traditional culture.

            From some explanations above, we can realize how important the role of technology in popularizing our culture is. So, preserving traditional culture is the responsibility of every single generation and popularizing traditional culture is the reflecting of nationalism feeling. The true generation will never forget with what had been dedicated by the heroes as our rescuer.

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