article about creating a better Indonesia

It is vey masterfull moment to stand up and gather in front of you all educated people. as a dreamer of life, when i was five years old my father always asked me all whtat i deram, and i told him  i have a dream to be president,founder,docter all what i dream are wonderful. But it a needs big effort to make it true. Today, what’s bothering my mind on how what i dream about indonesia comes true, but when?
Improving every opportunity in reaching th betterment of indonesia
             we live in the peradise of the world. Where the wealth and beautiful part of the world exits in this homeland. Which is becoming the greatest goal to reach our country develpment. Many people think that the richest country in the world are only america,japan,england but they do  not reliaze ehere they were born and they live is also the richest country in the world. If we try to analyze we have so many things exist in this country. We have many natural resources in creating a good economic and cultures as our self-identity. We live with a different religions but we have the special motto that is “bhenneka tunggal ika” how amzing our country is. By those elements we can create a better country.
               What i dream about indonesia,  when every pessege of this opportunity can be utilizedfull as well as possible. When the wealth of this country can create a big advantage for economic sector in developing our country’s economic. When pur cultures becomea symbol and our pride of our nation in facing all contries in the world. When a different becomes a big unity and it strengthens nasionalism felling toward every young generation to have more ove felling in this nation. And finally those important elements can create a better country in this global chellenge.
               We have a big weallth in this country which can make a stabil economic in developng our country. Some of the wealth are exploited by other companies. One of the examples. Pt.freeport where this company has exploited more than 1.000 millions gold. In which the income they get 99% percent and 1% percent for indonesia as the owner of this natural resource. Some of our cultures were claimed by other country as their self-identity.futhermore, the degredation of nasionalism felling. Where they just focus on what they want to do toward rheir self-centered, without improving any nasionalsim felling to enhance the since of our nasionalism in this nation. So when we can create a better nation? It is very sadden phenomenan  for a country which is recognized as peradise country in the world.
                But it is not too late for us to improve all opportunity we have to get the betterment of our country. By the biggest wealth exits in this country, we should utilize all this opportunity to create a stabil economic. Otherwise, it will demage our country economic. The lack of cultural education becomes the esssiatial factor on how they cannot preserve the culture. Therefore, cultural education must be implemented in preserving our cultures. Also education has big role in emphazing and creating nasionalism felling toward every generation. By implamenting those improvment, we will get  a better condition and finally we can create a better country in the mindle of global chellenge.

                 In brief, our country has the greatest opportunity in creating a better country in the world. But some problems appear as the couse we cannot create a better country. Therefore by implamenting those, it will improve some problems above, by utilizing the wealth and beautifull of this country, and finally we can get the betterment in creating a better country in the world.

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