An article about go green Essential

            Seeing the condition of todays civilization where we can find go green action campaigned everywhere. I sure, we can easily find a sign that tell us to throw rubbish right onto the place. Furthermore, the government also taking part in the action of saving the world stay green by tightening the regulation of tree cutting and multiplying the punishment for illegal logging suspect. Unfortunatelly, we do not realize on the essential of go green action itself . Therefore, through my simple speech I would like to tell you about the essential of go green itself in hope to give you more understanding on it. Entitled
The Misunderstanding of Society on Go Green Essential
            Nowadays, go green action is becoming the common action done by society but why our environment is still getting worse? Well, actually so many factor becoming the causal of it such as: the high amount of carbon dioxide and the low understanding on go green essential itself. Even we gonna plant 1000 tree but we cannot control the amount of carbon dioxide and preserve what we have done it will be a humpty dumpty action.
            Fundamentally, go green is an action in healing the world by beneficial action such as planting tree, throwing rubbish right to the place, and other beneficial actions. Unfortunately the society understanding on go green only focus on tree planting. Further, the government privacy also becoming the factor. If we try to calculate, we have more than 100 million students every year, each student should have at least 5 packet books and each packet book at least contain of 50 piece of papers so how many trees should we cut to fulfill the need of packet book for Indonesia? Is it equal with the amount of tree planting? Truly not. Furthermore, the society only focus on the short term effect of go green and never think about the future implication of go green itself.
            Seeing those, here I propose some ways to preserve our environment, those are:
-          Focusing on future implication of go green itself because we live today for our descendant in the next future.
-          Government should take care and solve this problem soon by implementing some beneficial action. Further, the government should be the pioneer of Go green action in order it will influence society to do the same
-          Conducting some contest in hope it will stimulate society to save the environment. Because saving the world can be started by small thing.

In brief, go green is a good action but it should be followed by a good understanding on it. In order all the thing we have done will not be a humpty dumpty action and will have a significant effect in the future. Because our world future is in our hand so let start now.

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