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Property Investment as Country’s Better Economy
Recently, after Asean Economic Community being implemented in the end of 2015 Indonesia should be ready to face many challenges coming from other ASEAN countries. So many politic policies have been implemented by the government to actually compete with other ASEAN nations. One of the sector being the focus of the government is entrepreneur. The young entrepreneur of Indonesia has a power and creativity to actually compete with other country’s entrepreneur. By conquering the entrepreneur side, indirectly we dominate the competition map of the Asean Economic Community itself. One of the ways to conquer the entrepreneur side is through “Property Investment”
Basically property investment is one of entrepreneur activity that usually done by entrepreneur to actually save their worth indirectly. It’s mean they trade their worth with ownership of property, where they can take a rental fee for every rent. Furthermore, property investment is really save way to actually face unstable economic period
Commonly speaking, property investment can make this nation better. Seeing the evidence that, by utilizing property investment. It can rise up the price of local property in the global trade. It is really good for Indonesia’s economic. Furthermore, as what I have stated earlier, property investment can guarantee the business we have among the unstable economic period. Because property investment is similar with the health insurance. It can guarantee the worth we plan for our property will be safe.
Otherwise, property investment not really good for a long period, because the property in wich we invested our money can be broken by the waste of the time. And also, the number of entrepreneur who really take care in this kind of investment is really little (to not say nothing). It is really ironic where our country strive hard to be the dominator in this Asean Economic Community era. Therefore, as the young generation of this nation I propose some manners that hopefully beneficial, those are:
  • Including entrepreneur education into school curriculum
  • Strengthen the relation of entrepreneur exist in Indonesia, in order there will be coherence one another
  • Ease the regulation of investing property
In summary, property investment is really beneficial for us. Therefore as the golden generation of this nation we should strive hard to actually achieve Indonesia dream . lets create a better Indonesia through entrepreneurship.
Agus Miftahorrahman

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