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Dig up youth potential as leader aspirant for our nation better future

If we try to imagine in the past when our country was colonized by other countries, at that time our societies were very sad, suffer, and depress. But by our youth spirit and struggle to fight with colonizers Indonesia could be freedom. 1928, our youthsmade their pledge as their inspiration to be Indonesia heroes who had enthusiasm, optimist, and never give up feeling because our youths had motto “keep fight we never give up” by that motto they would always keep Indonesia from colonizer. We can see from our youth’s spirit and struggle, they could lead our country be better than before because good potential of our youths which is hidden in their body. So, today Indonesia needs the golden young generations who are brave, trust, active, creative, and innovative to make Indonesia to be developed country.
              In understanding about youth and leader is: Youth is someone who is in growing of physique, emotion, and human resource until youth is the mean point of our human resource development for nation to change the previous generation. According to Mr. YOUNGstatement leader is an individual ability of someone who can invite other people to do something for the group necessity and having special ability than other people.
              Youth is the back of world civilization who can lead the world development to change the history of the world, moreover, Indonesia youth who can change the world because our first president ever stated that “give me ten youths and l will shake down the world” so, by that statement we can imagine how big youth potency is, until they can change the world. Figure world admits the existence of youth is really significant toward nation development because they realize that the youth potential is very capable enough to bring us to the bright way, arise from the weakness. All of the aspects of nation and country are in the hand of our young generation as leader. So, by big youth potential is the expectation of nation future but a nation which is failed to guide the young generation in all of the aspects even in morality side or capability that nation will be the worst in the next future.
  As leaders with satisfaction position, they will not miss from mistake, moreover our young generation that can be easily influenced by their friend that will make them have bad characteristic so it will appear many problems: Arrogant character that makes them feel satisfy on themselves and proud of what they have done for the society, Emphasize themselves it means that they talk about their greatness, exaggerate their achievement.
               By having those problems we can solve it by changing the characteristic to be better if than they will not be believed anymore by the society, so, by giving motivation o their mistake that they will have big responsibility to actually keep the society is not to be arrogant and emphasize themselves.
                In summary, we can summarize that we as leader for the next future who can create amazing thing to build Indonesia to be the better country which is respected by other countries, and country which can make the society be prosperous, fair, and live peacefully


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