Artikel speech tentang Journalism

            May 18 1908, when our nation was colonized by Netherland, journalism had big role in reaching Indonesia freedom. At that time, Indonesia people used journalism to make Indonesia’s heroes be spirit to attack back Netherlands colonizer.
The dilemma of journalism in society’s perspective
             Talking about journalism we cannot escape from information word. In our life, we always hear and see a lot of information that we can find in newspaper, television and also internet. Every single person wants to know everything happen in their environment, city, country or maybe the world especially for education. Journalism helps us to get more educations that are not only felt by people who can get school but also, for low level society. Moreover, when our country conducts general election such as, pilpres and pilkada. The role of journalism is really needed by all societies to know all about the candidates of leader and as soon as they can determine to choose their leader to lead them well. But on the one hand the free journalism also brings negative impact toward journalism. According to without border as reporter, an institution that becomes pioneer of the world of free journalism was in the position 101 from 167 countries and at 2009 Indonesia free journalism was in 150th position from 175 countries. It means that Indonesia free journalism always increases in every year.
            Based on Roland Welreley, Journalism collecting, writing, processing and serving general informations and believable in publishing news paper, magazine and also can be spreaded in broadcasting.
              Down to globalization where globalization gives influence for all coups of life especially journalism world. In this globalization era, journalism appears new innovation to give information for society that is internet where It is more interactive and effective to serve information for society moreover our country is developing country in which all the young generations need good education and also information. Basically journalism has 3 functions;
1.      Educating people By giving education information
2.      Entertaining people By giving entertainment information
3.       Mass media control
Let us see the condition of our journalism in our country where some mass media belong to the people who have big capital. The consistency has been clear when they become politician and mass media will be the weapon in politic.
Talking more about the free journalism of course we still remember. When general election at 2014, when Metro tv prefer to take side to Joko Widodo by giving more information about the goodness of Joko Widodo, on the other side metro TV gave information about the badness of Prabowo and also Obor magazine where it was exist when general election by giving more information about the wisdom, justice and the goodness prabowo as a leader beside Obor magazine gave information about the badness Joko Widoo as a leader. It is one of indications that free journalism gives big influence for all societies especially when general election held.
We can not give them punishment but we can avoid it, let’s begin from ourselves because ourselves is the key to control our condition around us. Strong awareness also is the most important to keep and to not abuse the function of journalism exactly.
In brief, journalism gives benefit for all societies especially for education. On the one hand, the free journalism also brings negative impact toward journalism especially when general election held. Politic and individual can change ourselves every time. Therefore, we and strong awareness are the keys to overcome it. 

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