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                                                The legend of Surabaya
Long time ago in the east java there were two animals named sura as the shark and baya as the crocodile ,sura and baya were animals that could not be the best friend ,they always fight where it was just caused some foods. Once, both of them were hungry, they need to hunt, they did it a second glancer put them on bad tempered, their body were bloody, they wouldn’t stop till one of them gave up because sura was tired, he was stop.
Sura : ugh,, ugh,, stop I feel so tired 
Baya : me too ugh,, ugh,,.
Then they made an agreement that sura as a shark with his territory the sea, and Baya as a crocodile heaving territory of river, willy- nilly they agreed
Sura : okay now I promise I will not do hunting in your area
Baya : great, in this day I promise too. I would do so
Once, as sura’s territory gave nothing but misery, Sura came up to got a desirable things incidentally, Baya angrily groaned as Sura till they were fighting
Baya : Hi,, Sura why you break your promise
Sura : I feel so hungry
Baya was very angry at him, he disappointed on his promised, they were fighting, he stroke each other, and that was a big battle ever in this world. Finally Sura bit Baya’s tail so hard, but Baya didn’t felt anything when his tail was bitten by Sura. Finally when Baya bit his tail, blood was surrounding and both were gone all societies came for gazing ate, and knight gave name that city was SURABAYA. Sura as the shark and Baya was the crocodile.
Well, ladies and gentlemen don’t you like Sura and Baya, they can’t keep their desire and they can’t divide their food, they as like child. Okay that my story thanks’ for your nice attention

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