Upholding the Beauty of Holy Qur’an to Deal with Today’s Messed Era

In this 21st century, we are living in the globalized world where everything can be gotten easily. No limit of information. We can know many thing instantly through our gadget. By the development of technology, we can do many thing easily. The technology appearance ease us in finishing many activities. but, by the presence of technology. It also abolish the social structure. Where long ago, information was a really hard thing to be owned. Children cannot easily acces adult information. But today, everyone can acces many informations easily. Either children or adult. And it is really bad for todays human civilization. Where the age border abolished and no really clear limitation between children and adult and finally accumulate into the presence of messed era. There fore, i believe by uphoalding the quran holistic it can be an alternative to create a civilized society.
            Basically, holy qur’an is a classic book given into our prophet through gabriel. In its history, al-qur’an took 22 years, 2months and 22 days. Intrinsically, holy quran contains many epic, and valuable messeges. Further,  quran can be a good life guidance for everyone, either moeslem or not. Because Al-Qur’an is ceated to shine the world and reveal the world mistery and also Al-Qur’an is not only send to be utlized by moeslem but all human kind who want to be better.
            Fundamentally, Al-Qur’an is a good media to deal with today’s messed era. Why i said so? Because inside of holy qur’an, it contains with many epics of good leader, and history of previous era who lived in the world before us. Because actually al-qur’an is created to be the guidance of human kind either moesem or not, as long as they realized on the truth of al-qur’an itself. Furthermore, al-qur’an has many function toward our life, such as:
Life Guidance
            As what i have stated erlier, by the existence of holy qur’an it can be a good guidance of life, where it teachs us on how we put ourselves in responding many situations. What should we do and how we act through so many problems and obstacles.
Character Education
            By utilizing holy quran, we can take so many moral value inside of it. Based on statistic data that almost 70% of Al-Qur’an content is the epic of previous era before us, and only 30% containing islam syari’ah. Therefore, we can take so many moral values to deal with todays messed era by evaluating the mistakes of the previous generation. Because a lucky man is the one who can be better than yesterday and not to stay stagnant and be the same.
            In brief, Al-Qur’an is good way to deal with today’s messed era, but remember. If then we just keep and save it without utilizing it, it will be a really humpty dumpty thing and has no significat effect toward us. Therefore we have to utilize the presence oa Al-Qur’an as well as possible because as a moeslem generation we have to preseve the haeritage of our prophet that is Al-Qur’an itself. Therefore, Al-Qur’an is a really good way to deal with today’s messed era by the reason i have explained before.

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