Speech article #human in developing Indonesia

22 april as the world day celebration for indonesia which has many natural resources should be celebrated with happines. Ironically, the natural’s damage happening makes indonesia cannot celebrate it well.
Simple action in showing our responsibility as human in protecting our world.
21 century our world has been old to be lived by human. Natural desaster appear to threathen the welfare of human’s life. Futhermore, people as the inhabitant in the world do not care againts our world’s condition. They amble above the land by doing action that damage their selves also the world and finally they get reward whtat they have done. Morever, the advance era has closed their eyes to see the fact that how pity our world’s condition is. In our country indonesia, we have lost 97 millions hectars of forest. Beyond that, at 2013 the conflagration forest in riau resulted a big damaged for about 1.7 quintillion as dollar. Flood disaster soaked more than 1.000 houses existed in aceh. As the result, 895 souls must stay in safety places. Besides, many companies felled for many trees randomly without seing the impact of it. So then, this problrm creates a danger many natural disasters appear to threathen and destroy the welfare of our life. such as pollution, acid rain, climet change, the destruction of rain forest and other wild habitats. The decline and extinction of thousand animal species and plants and so on.
Well, i think everyone here agrees that all of these issues exist and tahat human have coused them. And i beliave that those issues terrify everyone here. Thankfully many of us still care about the future of our world. Unless we cannot find a way of solving problems then the environment will suffer.
I know these all sounds so depressing but we cannot stand by and do nothing for these phenomenans.becouse everyone here and all people entire world have a big role and responsibility to keep our world always be safety.
In this chance, i will not appropiate my self to solve this problems, because it also consides you to take a part in this golden occasion. We as the golden generation we can also show our responsibility by doing simple actions, that if being remembered, can do more than all the green actions in the world. Those are reduse, reuse and recycle.
The first R is reduce. Reduce is often misundertood. Many people think that they must stop using what they have and be strict to every single thing they use. However. That is not the case. Reducing only means to cut back to a little thing than what you did before. Because people have a hard time without usi g as much as the have. However. If a person can do that, that’s better. Then the world will be better off.
The second R is reuse. Reuse is another great way to make a different. There are so many things people have in their house. Almost every one of those things can give a different purpose. Many things that you are never thought it can be used again, like foods scraps into compost. So essentially, buying nothing is better that buying something unused when it’s so easy to do with what you have.
The last R is recycle. It is the easiest to do. Because we commonly see scavengers around us. It does not take much effort to put a bottle into a non organic wastebasket or we collect the bottle and give it directly to the scavengers. Simple right, so what are you waiting for? Just do it.
Reducing reusing and recycling are benifit to our environment. These actions are more effective to live in this world. We don’t have to join an organization or donate much money to save the earth. Because it can be done by doing those simple actions.

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