Artikel Speech tentang Youth

Human is homo socious, means that humans are staying together and having interaction with other humans. Human  is born  for living together in the vortex of socialization as zoon politicon principle. In the historical of their lives, humans made a society group until become a communtiy to enhance  the enthusiasm of young generation by that epistemilogy of socialization. Now we call as Organization.In the history of development a nation  has already shown that organization becomes a girder for generating and complement an expextation of young generation in  implementing blaze cooperation with  other people.we back to the previous time ,when  young generation had united and gathered  for uniting an critical idea  for indonesia future.finally reconstructed  an youth owth at 28th october 1928 ,that organization community  had shown  on how the the character  of young generation  which has more commitment to see the palpable role in organization toward golden young generation exactly.
Organization is an association from those people who have a purpose and pure  spirit.That is virtually  an organization management toward those people with some efforts and activities for competency a brilliant idea.In the case of organization process are absolutely related to the one another of their jobs.In organization there is commonly called as management.Management is the processing of leader that should be done by using  a rational way of thinking and a way practical  for common goals in optimizing the jobs.In organization management  there are four main activities,those are:planning,organizing,motivating,and controlling .From those assertion of formula implies the reciprocal relationship among individuals in order to interact effectively and actively,by those emergence of characters are formed from margers of the management participation
Within  an organization processes,it can be found an organization culture ,this cultures are characterized by the sharing or various values  of the same  activity with all members  of the organization .From organization behavior,that we can see how the level of invidual and group as wel as good.Performance and trying to control or explain the devision of tasks and  resposibility,In organization association we can feel the benefits among others those are:
1)      Training us  to organize the jobs as well
Organization trains us to interact with  the different people and it is very useful to plunge in to  the world of work
2)      Learning leader,working together,and responsibility
In organization many tasks devision and duties that could be a leader and others,we learn to manage the people who have different character.
            Recently ,many students are not so interesting in joining organization or we can call lazy because several reasons,those are:
1)      Most of students are prohibited  by the parents because of the time  and attention will be much taken only for organization than learning.
2)      Rarely student in the home and lazy ,they actually will think over the jobs that must be done well and the very  basic reasons why they do not want to join in organization is not having social nature in their life

From the reasons above ,they usually do not have a commitment in buiding the character .In summarry,organization  are patterns of relationship among individuals who have responsibility in achieving commons goals .And from those, it can be formed a culture and commitment,spirit cooperation,solidarity.Therefore  instilled in us  the spirit of togetherness,we awaken the spirit of ancient toward the expextation of indonesia.We show that we can make a changes for world of organization,we fight those people who underestimated the organization because they actually are the killers of creatifity.

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