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Minimizing unemployment existence through entrepreneurship awaken
            Unemployment has been the common social unrest in nation’s life. This substantial phenomenon causes several troubles occurrence such as; crime, poverty, over population etc. Whereas, the problem of unemployment is strongly related with economy growth of this country. Based on economy ministry, every 1 percent economy growth will receive 400.000 employs. Ironically, we only have 3 up to 4% per year. Certainly, it will only get 1,6 million employers. On the other hand, the job seekers reach the average of 2,5 million people per year. So, 1 million unemployed men appear every year in this nation.
            Remembering the urgency of this problem, we have to comprehend the way to overcome of at least, minimize the amount of unemployment. The solution is enough easy. That is only how we provide good vacancy for every single person in this country. but then,. What about the implementation? It’s implementation is not as easy as it seems. We do not only need fund, but also working skill training should be given to the unemployment in order to have creative mindset in having planning running the business.
            Entrepreneurship can be learned and taught, and then every individual will have their own opportunity to be a good entrepreneur. Simply, entrepreneur is the one who dares to take a risk to open the business, creative in creating new innovation, and finally bring the significant change for nation’s economy. Based on man power ministry data, 2% of developed country population is entrepreneur, in 2013 the amount of entrepreneur in Indonesia is in around 450.000 people or 0, 18% of total population. It means that Indonesia is still not including developed country yet. If we compare with the amount of America entrepreneur that reaches 7,2 %, Korea and Japan have 5%.
            Let’s start to create new young entrepreneur by giving entrepreneurship education earlier to the students. I swear, the youth is the main pillar to overcome this problem. Year by year, schools graduate million students but unfortunately school education only gives good theory but it’s implementation in working world is still not optimum even students, do not understand how to move on with the knowledge they have. Therefore, many canceling new entrepreneurs in this country.
            Furthermore, Here some characteristics of good entrepreneur:
1.      Having strong commitment
2.      Responsibility
3.      Daring to take a risk
4.      Curiosity
5.      Exploring creativity
6.      Smart in taking a chance
7.      Be a wish leader for their employers
By those characteristics, an entrepreneur will be able to monitor his business very well and finally much income will come.
      Government must participate by supporting the entrepreneurship awaken program by some ways such as; giving the capital for new entrepreneur, easing the legalization of starting business, conducting some seminar about entrepreneurship etc.
In summary, being a developed country is absolutely the dream of every country in the world, Indonesia should actually run so fast to get that dream. Solving the problem of unemployment existence must be succeeded soon because unemployment is the source of some upcoming problems occurrence such as; crime, poverty, the unstable economy and many others .so, let’s build Indonesia by the entrepreneurship awaken.                                                                        

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