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This story was started in bataran kingdom. When Yendo’ king and Tina’s queen led that kingdom. Kingdom condition was not peace. It’s due to; someone who led that kingdom was arrogant. Several month later, Yendo’ king got a problem with his servant named Dayang Ami. Because, Yendo’s king impregnated her. She asked his responsibility. And Yendo’s king said.
Yendo : Pardon am I wrong to hear that? Amy,,, I never feel doing that. So, I have not to responsible everything.
When Dayang Ami told this about this problem, Yendo’s king tamper was getting high at her. She was supposed to leave Bataran kingdom. Time by time Yendo’s king was very angry and he gave two cheeses for Dayang Ami.
Yendo : Now, I have two cheeses for you. That:
1.      Stay here but you are painful
2.      Leaving this kingdom by having peaceful live
So, which one do you prefer…..?
And she left that kingdom foreverand live in far away with her baby. 20 years after,leaved who was handsome boy named Ricky. But he leaved lonely, sadness, painful and his mother was died. In that moment he amused over everthing about his mother.
Ricky: my mother!!! Where are you mom..??? I miss you..! why do you leave me lonely here?

A few minutes after, he remembered his mother instruction was.

Ricky: yeah…!!! I remember what my mother wish. I’m sipposed to kill yendo’s in bataran

In the night coldness, when the moon was illuminating the darkness in the night Ricky had prepared something that he needed. Large jungle has been passed by him. Yet he old man in his journey.
Old man: Boy stop please! This place is very danger for you
Ricky     : Danger? I don’t think thing so, Old man…! Old you like to move a bit and give me
                 Little way to pass, I’m in hurry now! I will go to Bataran Kingdom.
Old man: Calm down boy! I know that you are going to Bataran Kingdom, let me guest, you
                will kill Yendo’s king and you are Ricky, aren’t you?
Ricky   : where do you know about me?
Old man: Emy, I was your mother friend she ever told me everything about you and Yendo’s king, don’t worry…! I’m in your position now, you need some weapon to kill him

The old man gave something to Ricky as his supply in killing Yendo’s king.

Old man: I have knife and rope for you, this rope us used to climb kingdom wall.take it…! Now
In addition, Ricky left that place quickly. A day after, he arrived and climbed kingdom wall. Big wall of kingdom had been passed by him. Sometimes after, he found Yendo’s king room and entered in that room. He saw Yendo’s king and Tina’s queen were sleeping greatly. But, killed Tina’s queen first time.
Ricky: ther are sleeping, firstly, I should kill her for the first time because, she will disturb men next! Break… (Action)

Tina’s queen voive awakened Yendo’s sleep. Yendo’s was so surprise looking at his wife was bloody and died.

Yendo: my wife! What happen with you get up please, who are you boy? Why do you kill my
Ricky: who am I…? I’m Ricky, I’m your son, buit you never admit me as your son. Mow, this
           is the time for me to revenge everything what you have done to my mother.
Yendo: Wow…wow… firstly, welcome to my kingdom, I proud of you. So, you are Dayang
             Ami’son. I know that you will be here. Don’t you know? I have been waiting for you
             So, I’m not patient to kill you…!

Yendo’s king directly attacked Ricky without any word. Ricky got scratch of sword in his chest.

Yendo: I get you, boy! You will kill me? It’s impossible. Because, I am strongest person in this
            kingdom. Now, I give you time to pray, in order, you will be peaceful hereafter.

Suddenly Ricky took knife in his back and threw into Yendo’king.

Yendo: ahhh… Ricky stop please! Sorry, I didn’t admit you as my son, actually you are my
             lovely son do you want your father die, don’t you?
Ricky: Sorry! You know, it’s too late to admit everything Yendo..! your destiny is in me and
            your life will be over in this lovely kingdom. So your planning to kill me is laying
            around. Now, I will take you head off (action)
Yendo: No…no my so, don’t do it please….! (Crass)

The rain was down and the thunder bolt was striking kingdom roof. Finally, Ricky could escape from that place after killing Yendo and the wife. In early morning, Yendo’s servant was so surprise looking at Yendo’s king and Tina’s queen were die killed.

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